Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Thundercats was another cartoon obsession of mine, and now, I just find it plain weird, LOL. But, digressing...Thundercats was the tale (no pun...ok, pun intended) of Lion-o and his friends who escape from Thundera, which is nearly destroyed, and crash land on Third Earth. There, they start a new life while trying to defeat Mum-ra, The Ever Living and the mutant gang that followed them to Third Earth. Lion-o possesses a magical sword which makes him ruler and more powerful (uh...He-man anyone?) and is nothing...uh, short...of a phallic symbol.

The Thundercats, of course, were humanoid with cat-like qualities. Whoever thought this up should have been given some award for creativity to say the least. Still, it has a place among our other "Really Cool Cartoons".

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Strawberry Shortcake

While it wasn't really a TV show, but a series of videos and a collection of scented dolls (and no, the new Strawberry Shortcakes do NOT smell like the old ones), I still feel this cartoon deserves a place among "Really Cool Cartoons".

Strawberry Shortcake lived in Strawberry Land, where all of her friends had food names, like Lime Chiffon and Huckleberry Pie (the one boy among them) and their pets had food names as well (Strawberry's pet was Custard).

There was also villians, the Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes, who were constantly trying to thwart Strawberry and her friends.

The specials were most likely a vehicle through which to sell the toys...but that was ok by me. It worked, and I LOVED my dolls. I just wish they hadn't gone the way of all things cool and disappeared somewhere.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kidd Video

"Aye-yaye-yaye-we look like--cartoons!"

You gotta love it!!!

This cartoon is one that haunted me for years, until recently. I knew the plot(a "real" rock band gets sucked into an alternate universe where they become cartoons) and I knew the bad guy's name "Master Blaster". It wasn't until recently that I was able to get more information on this really cool 80s cartoon. I'd completely forgotten about the little pixie, "Glitter" whose magic in her sneeze and the Master Blaster's thugs, the Copy Cats. A great source for all things "Kidd Video" is www.kvflipside.org. There are episode guides, as well as youtube links to watch the episodes.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Little Pony

"My Little Pony" was all the rage in the 80s. A friend of mine had every toy there was...the stables, playsets...it was awesome. It centered around a little girl named Megan who helped the ponies of Dream Valley in their fight against evil in Ponyland. Other types of ponies were introduced, including the Princess Ponies (who had wings) and the Seaponies. It was a huge phenomenon that has recently enjoyed a resurrgance in the toy business, but they'll never be quite the same as the original toys.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

So now that you've decided to get the "Transformers" DVDs for your SO for the holidays, you're probably thinking you need a little something to go along with it. Why not check out this link for great Christmas Gifts & Gift Baskets? They can create a specially themed basket like a movie-lovers night and each is filled with gourmet products. You can play Santa and give a bakset as a secret Santa gift.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spending Too Much Time in Front of the TV?

Is your significant other NOT happy with you? Why not surprise her/him with flowers? There are many types of flower available this time of year. Sunflowers are native in the US between July and October. - Dahlias are available in early fall. - Roses, lilies, iris, gerbera and daisies, in fact all chrysanthemums are available year round for approximately the same price. Surprise your loved one today with a pretty bouquet so you can go back to watching your shows (for a little while anyway).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In other news...

The law firm of simmons, jannace & stagg recently represented a woman whose lawyer was suing in a federal court to get a $2 million contingency fee after settling a woman's 9/11 lawsuit (the money had been awarded from the Victim's Fund which disfavored lawyer's fees to maximize the amount of money the victim's would get). The widow's lawyers contended that the fee was exhorbitant and that because the case was already under review by the state, that they should abtain from making judgement. The case was dismissed and is under investigation.

Save Money to Buy Your She-ra DVDS

Follow the link to get free car insurance quotes. Many companies will not tell you all of your eligible discounts (the phone company is notorious for this as well...it pays to call about every six months to make sure you are getting the best package for your needs).

If you are woman who works late hours and are concerned about driving home alone at night, one insurance company has created the "buddy on demand"...a blow up "man" that you need only to push a button and he will inflate. What will they think of next?