Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Thundercats was another cartoon obsession of mine, and now, I just find it plain weird, LOL. But, digressing...Thundercats was the tale (no pun...ok, pun intended) of Lion-o and his friends who escape from Thundera, which is nearly destroyed, and crash land on Third Earth. There, they start a new life while trying to defeat Mum-ra, The Ever Living and the mutant gang that followed them to Third Earth. Lion-o possesses a magical sword which makes him ruler and more powerful (uh...He-man anyone?) and is nothing...uh, short...of a phallic symbol.

The Thundercats, of course, were humanoid with cat-like qualities. Whoever thought this up should have been given some award for creativity to say the least. Still, it has a place among our other "Really Cool Cartoons".

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